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SLA Announces Networking Programs

The SLA First Five Years Advisory Council is pleased to announce the launch of our networking programs.  We have 4 programs:

Visit to listen to our programs.  Check back often for new programs.

Two ways to get involved:

  1. Create an Advisory Board member dedicated to the first 5 professionals.  If your unit already has one, please get in touch with any First 5 Advisory Council member.
  2. Join the Facebook and LinkedIn Groups:

On our Facebook page “SLA First Five Years”:

  • You’ll find recommended resources related to the webinars under the “Notes” tab
  • Become a fan and get updates when the committee or fans share other good resources
  • Contribute your own comments and recommendations
  • Post your chapter/division events on the wall to spread the word about SLA services for new professionals

Use the LinkedIn Group “SLA First Five years”:

  • Post questions to get career and professional advice from experienced members and fellow new professionals
  • Develop your network of SLA colleagues
  • Discuss issues facing new information professionals

If you’re a more experienced professional, you can help to support new information professionals in SLA by joining the LinkedIn group and answering questions or providing advice.

If you are not sure if you are new or experienced we have created a Top 10 list to help you decide.

  1. You graduated from iSchool instead of GSLIS ­ it sounds like it was inspired by Apple rather than a sneeze.
  2. You’re suddenly very protective of ALA accreditation when you’re job hunting even though you barely thought about it when you were doing your degree.
  3. You are still recovering from the shock of the rise in membership dues of the associations you joined while in school.
  4. You live in initials and when your school changes its name you check out the initials first – SLIS, SLAIS, FLS, FLIS, FI, DLIS, FIMS, iSchool, etc. and make up your mind on that. Then you find some dirty expression to remember the initials by like FCUK or French Connection UK.
  5. You know what it means to say U of Tee, Pitt, Chapel Hill, U Dub, Uber Champagne, iSchool, LIS, etc.
  6. You struggle with the equality of librarians, archivists, records managers, teacher-librarians, etc. – not that there’s anything wrong with that!
  7. You belong to at least 4 associations and see the same people at each meeting and can barely tell them apart but can’t possibly drop one.
  8. You are more comfortable building a website than a taxonomy.
  9. You are struggling with the competing demands of building a wardrobe, buying furniture and maintaining a social life.

AND finally, the number one way to tell if you are new or experienced….

You graduated within the last 5 years.

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UNYSLA Spring Conference

Mark your calendars for the Spring 2018 UNYSLA Conference: Lead From Where You Are


When: Friday, April 13th, 2018

Where: Rochester, NY


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