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An Hour a Day

Tasks for the day: 1. Shower 2. Eat breakfast 3. Watch weather report. 4. Drive to work. 5. Punch-in.  6. Set-up computer network.  7. Check e-mails multiple times throughout the day and answer them. 8. Record at least four oral history tapes and transfer them to mp3 and CD. 9. Collect newspaper clippings about the organization. 10. Help translate Polish language documents. 11. Answer today’s research requests. 12. Sort medical files. 13. Organize photographs. 14. Work the reception/reference desk. 15. Go to lunch. 16. Organize storage room. 17. Work on writing an article. 18. Check-in with social media sites. 19. Drive home. 20. Prepare dinner. 21 Eat Dinner. 22. Watch one hour of T.V. 23. Do a yoga program. 24. Go grocery shopping. 25. Go to bed.

For most of us in this day and age a typical day consists of multiple tasks like the plan above and leaves us little time for relaxation and a moment to think let alone time for helping others. Many of you may be asking, “How can I become a mentor if I can’t even get everything I have to do in a day finished?”  I believe everyone can make an adjustment to their life if they truly want to even if it is just for an hour a day. Can you spare an hour of your day to become a mentor to a fellow informational professional just starting out or a student in library school?

Maybe you can record that favorite show you want to see and watch it later. Maybe you can call your friend on Saturday instead of tonight. Maybe you can share that task in the library you have to do with a mentee and teach them in the process. Hey, maybe that favorite show can be a ground breaker for meeting a mentee. Perhaps a mentee could offer insight into that article your writing.

If you could set aside one hour a day to teach somebody else you could make a big difference. With today’s technology we are more connected to each other than ever. We are also more disconnected. Now that we cannot always see those we deal with we have left a good number of people to their own devices (literally). Show someone that you care about their success and that they are not alone. Take the time become a mentor today! Visit for more information.

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